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What is a Crazy Hoop? It's a hoop designed to be used with conventional home embroidery machine hoops wherein you can embroider baby clothes, mittens, sock tops, and much, much more. They are NOT recommended for commercial embroidery machines.

The small Crazy Hoop allows for embroidering small designs on mitten cuffs, glove cuffs, sock tops (crew and quarter socks), and other difficult to hoop articles.

The large Crazy Hoop allows for embroidering baby clothes from newborn to 5 toddler.

With each hoop is accompanying colour illustrated instructions, printed in large print. (Coming soon will be a DVD with video instructions.)






Small Crazy Hoop is $19.95 (tax included) plus $4.95 s/h: $24.90 total






Large Crazy Hoop is $23.95 (tax included) plus $4.95 s/h: $28.90


Save money and buy the set for $36.95 plus $4.95 s/h: $41.90



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