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Quilter's Cruise ControL includes:

The (Red) Quilter's Cruise Control (normally $325)

The 3-pin connector cord (normally $20)

The 6-volt Power Transformer (normally $25)

That's a total of $370, but I am selling all three for only $300. The Buy Now button is located at the bottom of this page.

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Please note that this QCC is RED. There are other colours that denote other machine compatibilities.

I used this with a Husqvarna/Viking Mega Quilter (mid arm) on the large Inspira quilting frame. It was fantastic, but I eventually upgraded to a long arm machine, which is where my QBOT is now.

My Mega Quilter had also been driven/controlled with the QBOT and worked perfectly. But you do not need a QBOT for this stitch regulator to work. I also do not know if this Quilter's Cruise Control is for any other sewing machines as I purchased it for the Viking Mega Quilter (mid arm). You should contact and find out more.

The Quilter’s Cruise Control is a stitch-length regulator and a speed control that is used on a sewing machine mounted to a quilting frame. It automatically speeds up the sewing machine and slows it down to coincide with the movement speed of the sewing machine. It makes all the stitches the same length, regardless of the speed of movement of the sewing machine. This is a desirable goal that takes hours and hours of practice to achieve manually (if ever).

The Quilter's Cruise Control also will virtually eliminate needle and thread breakage because most thread and needle breakage is caused by improper stitch length control. When the Quilter’s Cruise Control is used, the sewing machine motor slows down when the machine slows down, and speeds up when the machine is moved faster.

If you want other parts for other encoders etc, they are located at

This is the photo of the front of the QCC. (There is nothing on the back side)

Quilter's Cruise control for Viking mega quilter, mid arm machine


This photo is of the left side, where the power plugs in, wire to the encoders plug in and the 3-pin connector cord plugs in. I do not have for sale the wire for the encoders because mine was used with the QBOT and its wiring harness.

This is the right side where the remote switch plugs in, which again is not with this package as mine was used with the QBOT. The speed dial/control is in the center, and the red and green led lights that denote speed and power on.


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Buy Now Button for $300 includes s/h anywhere in the USA. And don't forget that the price includes the 3-pin connector and the 6-volt power transformer.

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