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Specialty Projects

This section is new. Please bear with me as I create it.

These are projects that I have created and embroidered. They can be embroidered on tote bags, quilts, wall hangings, and about anything else you'd like to use them on. Sample photos show each project. Each project will show the sizes and machine embroidery formats available.

To purchase any project, simply click on the "Buy Now" button for that project and follow the instructions for downloading them.

Do you have a favourite prayer, blessing or saying(s) that you would love to embroider on something of your own or for a loved one? I can do that for you. Just contact me and write what you want and the size and perhaps even a font of your choice and I will give you a price quote. I can even send you a life size example of what it will look like. When you are happy with what I've done for you I will show you what web page (on my site) to go to to pay for and download it. If it's an original of yours and you hold the copyright for it (basically means you created it) it will never appear on my web site or anyone else's, unless you allow me to use it. Otherwise I respect people's right to protect their works. Something of this nature will only be available for download just once and will then be immediately removed from this site (to further protect your rights).

12-Stitch Program for Frayed Threads

St Francis of Assisi

Would you like to make this? Get ready to be shocked, especially you Horse Lovers.

Animal Medicine

Celtic Blessing

Serenity Prayer


Please note that this web site is not yet complete and the projects are not ready for full review or purchase. I am pedaling as fast as I can to get it all done.


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