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celtic Blessing

Bless the four corners

of this house and

be the lintel

blest, and


the hearth and bless the board and

bless each place of rest. And bless the

door that opens wide to stranger as

to kin

and bless

each crystal

window pane

that lets the

starlight in. And

bless the roof-tree

over head, and every

sturdy wall, the Peace

of Man, the Peace of

God, the Peace of

Love on All.

This blessing is embroidered in the shape of a Celtic Cross and measures 155mm wide by 310mm high, about 6 inches wide by 8.5 inches high. It is embroidered in the beautiful, flowing and easily readable Elegans Dak font.

The blessing is nearly 23,000 stitches.

It will sell for $15.

As soon as I get a photo on this page, I will also put a "Buy Now" (Pay Pal) button here.


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