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This was a project that I began for the 2012 Colorado State Fair, but I didn't get it finished in time thanks to a clash with Breast Cancer. But I finally did finish it and everyone loves it.

The map, or quilt if you choose to use it that way, measures: wide by high. It has a sleeve sewn on the reverse for hanging, or you can use a rod and hang it by the grommets, or simply use it as a quilt.

This beautiful, informative work of art is for sale. I am only asking $500 for it. Hopefully a true Horse lover will come across this page and fall in love with it.

However, if you would want to purchase each and every square of embroidery you can do that and create your own quilt or wall hanging of embroidered Horse and U.S. information. To purchase each square means I have to get each square's image on these web pages with a price, and in all machine embroidery formats, which will take some time.

Page not complete and project not yet available for purchase. Coming soon however, so stay tuned.


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